brillianICM – Certificate and Badge

Each player who successful completes a country module of the serious game brillianICM receives a certificate and a badge via email. The relevant content can be found in the table below.

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Australia Brazil China Germany India Spain Sweden Turkey USA
Fundamental classification of Intercultural Management
Classification of the country in the cultural world map
Guessing the 9 globe dimension values of the country
Explanation and execution of the four-sides model of Friedemann Schulz von Thun
Classification of the visible and invisible parts of the Ice-berg model
First contact to new colleagues and self-introduction
Appropriate conversation topics and small talk
Working clothes
Meeting manners
Giving feedback
Long-term vs. short-term operation
Leisure activities
Communication with each other
Traditional food
Invitations by colleagues
Language basics
Politeness in different situations
Separation of private and work life
Gender equality
Official rules and regulations
Customer meetings
Caste system
Reactions to sick notes
Hiring criteria
National sports
Choosing a way of transportation
Bonus sharing under colleagues
Table manners and team dinners
Showing emotions in public
Talking about religion
Business fairs
Business talks
brillianICM Badge Australia brillianICM Badge Brazil brillianICM Badge China brillianICM Badge Germany brillianICM Badge India brillianICM Badge Spain brillianICM Badge Sweden brillianICM Badge Turkey brillianICM Badge US